Introducing Newark Youth Career Pathways

Newark Youth Career Pathways brings together high-quality unique youth development programs in schools, to ensure all students graduate with a career pathway and a plan.









Student Development Program

At NYCP, we strive to connect an ecosystem that supports the youth of Newark.  We convene five partner organizations, each leaders in targeted developmental areas to deliver high quality programming to NYCP Fellows during the school day.

Each year, NYCP Career Fellows participate in over 40 youth development workshops and opportunities, each curated and developed by our partner organizations in consultation with NYCP.  These workshops give Fellows the confidence and skills required to thrive in life beyond high school.

Your Life. Your Path.

At NYCP We Believe

All students should  leave high school with an understanding of who they are and how to navigate their path after graduation. By the end of their senior year, each Fellow will have a “Your Life, Your Path Post Secondary Success Plan.”  This Plan coordinates the next steps of their lives and provides  access to the people and places that will make their plan achievable. 

Our Partners & Schools

NYCP currently coordinates the work of five amazing, community-based non-profit service providers. These partners are subject-matter experts with deep ties to the Newark community, and through this unique partnership, they bring initiatives into schools to ensure Newark youth have year-round developmental experiences. 

Why Choose NYCP ?

NYCP Revolves Around Students

NYCP centers its programming around student engagement strategies for our NYCP Career Fellows in the development and implementation of specific and tailored postsecondary plans.

We Provide Access

Through career exploration and work-based learning activities, we provide access to opportunities and career professionals that expand NYCP Career Fellows’ vision for the future. 

We Connect, Amplify and Coordinate

NYCP curates dynamic youth development programs and local career, educational, and credential-earning opportunities for students, during the school day.

We Empower Students

NYCP Career Fellows explore a spectrum of skill development (career and education exploration, leadership and employability, financial planning and civic engagement) and as a result have the confidence needed to fulfill their potential.

What Our Students Say


What are Career Pathways?

Career Pathway programs bring career-readiness into high schools; they help students learn about their talents, explore options and gain experience in promising fields.

What is SYEP?

The Newark Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) is a six-week summer experience that offers youth ages 14-24 the opportunity to gain exposure to the world of work.  NYCP Fellows are encouraged to participate!


What Parents Should Know

College and Career Readiness? Career Pathways?  CTE?  Launching high schoolers into the world is a big endeavor, here are some resources to help answer your questions.

Additional Parent Resources

Newark has wonderful resources for parents!  Don’t be afraid to reach out to learn about additional resources, programs and support for parents.

Get Involved

Why You Should

The Newark eco-system is rich with resources to help our students.  If you would like to work with NYCP or with our Fellows, we would love to hear from you!

How You Can Donate

NYCP is working to build a cadre of “Future-Focused” Career Fellows.  There are many ways for you to support this effort.