Giving High School Students a Clear Path and a Plan to Succeed!

NYCP’s success is grounded in the core belief that each student is an individual of promise.  NYCP acts as their advocate, focusing on the “totality” of their developmental needs for when they leave high school.


Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to significantly improve the preparedness of high school students for postsecondary education or job training leading to career paths that are fulfilling and pay a thriving wage.

Our Vision is that Newark’s youth exist in an ecosystem where they receive the individual support, career exploration, professional and social development necessary to thrive economically and socially!

We are growing a cadre of NYCP Career Fellows who are:


Knowledgeable about their post-secondary options and aware of what it takes to get there.


Understand the eco-system of Newark & feel connected to various college and career pathways created for them.


Understand the investment and trade offs they are making in and for their futures.

Future- Focused:

Possess the interpersonal, social, and employability skills required for success in the 21st century.


Possess early-stage industry knowledge which directs them toward logical workplace paths.

Our Story

Founded in 2019, Newark Youth Career Pathways (NYCP) is a collaborative, citywide initiative that aims to significantly improve the preparedness of Newark high school students for postsecondary success.

We focus on helping young people build personal agency, acquire industry credentials, and chart fulfilling career and/or entrepreneurship paths to end in a thriving wage career.

NYCP engages interested schools to co-opt specific student classes for year-round supplemental development in career preparedness; then we partner with existing, specialized youth development organizations to coordinate them with these classes to provide year-round programming to help students achieve “Postsecondary Success” from high school to college or career training.

NYCP is founded and staffed by local people and partners with keen expertise and proven track record for positive youth outcomes.

NYCP serves a rapidly expanding cohort of NYCP Career Fellows in Newark Public Schools and Essex County Technical Schools as a part of their career/technical education (CTE) classes. Our program is aligned with state of New Jersey CTE standards and brings opportunities to students in schools, thereby eliminating the barrier of access that prevents so many Newark students from participating in youth development activities. 

Theory Of Change

We Believe

Most young people need certain supplemental development through their high school years to increase their odds of avoiding adult poverty

Most public school systems simply do not have the adequate resourcing necessary to provide sufficient career-oriented development

All young people have an inner desire to develop their individual capabilities

We can bring more “to the table” for young people by tapping into and coordinating a city’s developmental network

We Accomplish This By:

Connecting dynamic youth development programs, local career and educational opportunities to NYCP Career Fellows in their natural classrooms.

Providing access to opportunities that expand Fellows’ vision for the future and their place in the world.

Supporting NYCP Career Fellows in the development and implementation of post-secondary plans. 

Empowering NYCP fellows with the skills and confidence needed to fulfill their greatest potential.

Our Team

Steve Alesio,


Kaleena Berryman,

Executive Director

Hydeia Austin,

Program Manager