Lynda Lloyd

Director of Pathways: Championing Communities through Advocacy and Education Initiatives

A native Newarker, Lynda Lloyd has devoted her life to empowering communities through a diverse career spanning education, real estate, and advocacy. Her journey began in various impactful roles within nonprofit organizations, the Newark Board of Education, and as an elected Democratic County official for six influential years.

Recognizing the intersection of political and economic empowerment, Lynda transitioned into real estate after a personal experience with a challenging home buying process. Her goal was not just to facilitate homeownership but to equip individuals with the knowledge to create generational wealth through property investment.

Driven by her belief in education and mentorship, Lynda founded Young Urbanites Unite (YU2), a nonprofit fostering connections among young professionals and advocating for social philanthropy through mentorship and community service. YU2’s initiatives include mentoring Newark students and providing growth opportunities for young professionals.

Through her firm Lloyd Strategies, Lynda serves as the Director of Pathways at Newark Youth Career Pathways (NYCP). Her role focuses on connecting students with career pathway partners to enhance their Career Technical Education (CTE) experiences and prepare them for post-high school employment.

In addition to her educational and advocacy work, Lynda is a licensed NJ realtor, operating under her brand, Close With Lynda. Her remarkable leadership has earned national recognition, including titles such as IMPACT Champion of Change and esteemed community awards like the NJPAC-Newark NAACP Visionary of the Future Award, and the YWCA Woman of Distinction Award.