Steve Alesio

Founder: Spearheading Success in Business and Youth Development

Steve Alesio’s professional journey is marked by leadership and success in esteemed companies such as American Express and Dun and Bradstreet. His executive roles allowed him to hone his operational skills, which he has been leveraging in the realm of private equity over the last 14 years.
Beyond his corporate achievements, Steve is committed to nurturing the potential of youth in our urban cities.

In 1999, he was a co-founding sponsor of NJ All Stars, an organization based in Newark, dedicated to the holistic development of youth through after-school programs. Steve’s commitment to youth empowerment has continued. In 2019, he founded Newark Youth
Career Pathways (NYCP), a pioneering in-school, year-round program. The program stands out for its unique and comprehensive approach to training and enhancing students’ readiness for post-secondary pathways.

Steve continues to aim to bridge the worlds of corporate expertise and community-driven initiatives.