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NYCP in Schools

NYCP  engages interested schools to provide year-round developmental classes to increase career readiness for students.   By partnering with existing, specialized youth development organizations, we help  students achieve “Post-secondary Success” as they transition from high school to college or career training.

For the 2022/23 school year, NYCP serves over 350 Career Fellows in Newark Public Schools and Essex County Technical Schools as a part of their career/technical education (CTE) classes. Our program is aligned with state of New Jersey CTE standards and brings opportunities to students in schools, thereby eliminating the barrier of access that prevents so many Newark students from participating in youth development activities. 

Our Value Add

NYCP’s Collective Impact approach is our value add. As the backbone of this work, we provide: 


Bring a unique and incremental program to students, in their respective classrooms


Operate as collective impact organization between schools and expert,  development partners


Provide students increased knowledge in 5 developmental areas enabling them to create their own “Post-Secondary Plan”


Ensure high school juniors/seniors are better prepared for life after high school

NYCP coordinates local non-profits to lead in-school workshops in 5 different development areas to provide career and post-secondary education preparation to all Fellows. The developmental areas are:


Power Skill Development

Leaders of the 21st Century


Post-Secondary Career Counseling

Center for PreCollege Programs – Rutgers, Newark


Career Exploration Experiences

Goode Education Group


Financial Planning Skills

Early Learning Financial Literacy Program


Civic Engagement

Abbott Leadership Institute

Path Shaper Opportunities

In addition to the curriculum of our youth development partners, NYCP has designed additional programming we call “Path Shapers”to provide students opportunities to put the skills they are learning into action. Path Shaper Opportunities are centered around hands-on career exploration, community engagement and post-secondary education options. Students will use Path Shaper Opportunities to help develop their Your Life, Your Path, post-secondary plan.

Post Secondary Plan

Well before each NYCP Career Fellow graduates from high school, they will have given thought and documented a plan for the next stage of their lives.. The plan centers around their vision for the future and connects to concrete development, educational and career steps that will help make their vision a reality. 

Our Partners

NYCP works with corporate and community partners in the City of Newark to create sustainable programming for our Fellows.

Our Schools

NYCP works with schools to bring Career/Technical Education alive for students.  We collaborate to prepare students for their chosen career paths.