Your Life, Your Path

Every student should graduate high school with a diploma and a real plan for their next chapter of life.  

NYCP ensures each Career Fellow has a post-secondary plan strategy titled Your Life, Your Path.

This enables each student to create a vibrant playbook that maps specific post-secondary steps for up to 5 years beyond high school graduation. 

The Your Life,Your Path plan

1Leads students through the process of identifying their skills and talent, career path interests, and the development of a path that is inclusive of their interests, preferences, and the opportunities that exist both locally and in the world. 

2Challenges students to create short and long term goals from senior year through the first five years after high school. 

3Identifies the people who can provide ongoing support and counsel as they navigate their path, the “pathway village” and strategies for deepening those connections. 

In this way, we truly are helping a cadre of “Future-Focused” Fellows to emerge and thrive!